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Friday, December 20, 2013

What's to come in the Buda's Book Celebration Event?

I wanted to give you all a peek into what's going on during the Buda's Book Celebration in January. The schedule is found under the tab above called Event Schedule. You can follow along there. There are a number of different stops coming up on different blogs.

Below is a list of the subjects that will be covered at the stops in the guest posts.

1. Pet Peeves in the Author World
2. Five Idea's For Using Pinterest
3. Ten Tips for Writing a Great Author Bio
4. Authors & Bloggers: Why We Need Each Other?
5. Readers: Supporting Authors
6. What NOT to do As A New Author
7. What It's Really Like Starting Out As An Author

What is a guest post?- This is where the author takes time to write on a certain subject for the blog. Each word written within the guest post is not from the blog owner, however the blog owner has allowed the person to temporarily take over their blog for the day.

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