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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event - Day 7

Please tell us about your writing. Can you explain the title without giving too much away?

RB: Most of my writing comes from inspiration of things that I have experienced or from something someone else has experienced. I aim to inspire and give hope with my writing. 

What was your journey as a writer?

RB: My journey as a writer so far has been tough. I have managed to push out three books total. Once which has been dedicated to my daughter (stillborn on May 27th) to create awareness for Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Even after the loss of my daughter, I have still managed to get back to the computer and start several new projects.

What writers inspire you?

RB: Well, the inspiration for Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello came from author Jamie Gibson. She wrote her story (My Angel), which I read directly after Dakota gained her wings. This sort of put the fire under my butt to tell Dakota's story. I wanted to inspire others with this book, like Jamie inspired me to write it.

What are your future writing goals?

RB:  My biggest goal is like any other author out there, I'd like to reach people with my books and give them something to enjoy. It's the journey to publication that I mainly enjoy, but when I get feedback from my work, it inspires me to write more. I'd like to host a book signing in the future, as well as work on getting the paperback copies of my books into stores across the country and world.

Whom do you see as your ideal reader?

RB: It all depends on which book we have in question. The Silenced Series is aimed at young adults, Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello is aimed at anyone who has had a pregnancy or infant loss in their family or if you know someone who has had a loss, and I have other books in the works that are aimed at different demographics as well.

When you have time, what would we find you reading?

RB: At this time, I'm mainly reading inspirational books to help me deal with the loss of my daughter. It's very hard for me to get into any fictional books. Although I do have some on my reading list, I don't know when I'll be able to connect to them and read them.

What do you learn from your writing?

RB: Each book has its own lesson. With Silenced, I learned that not everyone will enjoy your books but you will find a few who will love it. I've learned a lot about writing itself, as well as editing. I think with each book I'll learn something new with writing and editing. I love learning so it's a very enjoyable process for me. 

Who has been your biggest supporter?

RB: Well, there are two. God is number one. He supported me by giving me the talent to write. Then, my Husband. As I am sitting at home writing, he's out working to support our family. I've never heard anything negative about my writing from him. It's only been inspirational comments. As all people are today, we are making it financially, but I never hear my husband tell me I need to give up writing and find a "real" job. He knows deep down inside this is what I love to do. I may not make millions from it, (I'm blessed to reach even $100 a month writing) and he still pushes me to write.

How are you promoting your work?

RB: Right now, I am mainly sticking with social media. But as for the beginning of 2014, I'll be taking it one step further and doing what I can to promote in the small town I live in, as well as in the other towns around us. I hope to become known as a writer here in my own community and see their support.

What advice can you give to aspiring writers?

RB: As I always say.. NEVER GIVE UP!!! Writing can be challenging and very time consuming. But you'll only go as far as you push yourself. If you want to go big, don't stop until you get there.

Where can our readers find a copy of your work?

RB: Right now the paperbacks of each book is available on Amazon. (I'm hoping to change that this coming new year.) Each one of my books are available on Amazon for the Kindle and Barnes and Noble for the Nook. I also have a few of them listed on Smashwords.

And finally, as an author, do you have any quirks or habits that help you write better?

RB: Well, I have to have a fresh cup of coffee and there has to be noise around me. If it's too quiet, then I can't concentrate. I've always been used to my daughter playing in the background or the television running. 

Thank you. I wish you the best of luck with your writing. 


  1. wuth what you wrote above faith hope love god an your husband you will never go wrong and always be able to do what you love

  2. I wish you the best on getting your name out there within your town and the other towns. I think maybe just maybe that may boost your sales if people learn they have an author in the town or near them. :D