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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event- Day 11

Welcome back again!! I hope your having a good time reading the interviews, as I am having filling them out. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer, feel free to post them on my Facebook page.

Do you have a photo hosting site that you use? 
Yes, I do

Ever been to Las Vegas?
No, but I would like to visit there, among other places before I die.

Have you ever been gambling?
When is the last time you updated your blog?
I update my blog I use to help promote other authors (The Writing World) everyday. Then, I try to update my author blog and "Mommy" blog every chance I get. 

Do you have your wisdom teeth?
No. But I do have them on my dentures.

Favorite place to be?
In the comfort of my own home. I dislike leaving the house because my comfort is at home. I like the cozy feeling.

Have you been to New York City?
Favorite sit down restaurant?
Olive Garden

Ever been to Disney Land?
No, but I would like to take a trip with my daughter one day.

Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
I would have to think about this because I haven't watched cartoons in years.

Last thing you cooked?
The last food I cooked was Mac-n-Cheese, but I'm about to make dinner now. Who knows what I will end up making.

How is the weather today?
Cold, snow, and just icky!!

Do you email?

Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill?
The last piece of mail I got was from Lee Ryder. She sent me a swag pack with her book cover on it. I just love them.

What is the best city in the state that you live in?
My hometown, of course. Why wouldn't I say that?

Are you bored right now?

Last concert you went to?
Bad Boys of Rock

What do you think about before you go to bed?
My daughter and I wonder why I didn't get to have her with me. As well as, what life will be like when I find out I'm pregnant with my rainbow baby. ** Oh what a day that will be!! **

What are your plans for tomorrow?
Get my daughter off to school and hopefully write more on my newest story for Christmas. Which I don't think will be done before Christmas. :(


  1. My fav. restaurant is Olive Garden too. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the bread hahaha. I have a really good memory of the Olive Garden with my deceased mother in law. I don't like leaving my house either I rather stay at home than go out. I just don't like being around people. :D I have faith you will have it done by Christmas. You just have to work without the distractions.

  2. Olive garden is my fav! havent been there in like forever! and your book the christmas angel you will get it done.