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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event- Day 15

Here we are at the half way mark of the event. I want to thank those of you who have stopped by and checked out the interviews. Here's a big virtual hug to those who have followed along the entire event. My heart fills with happiness knowing you've taken interest in getting to know me. 

On that note, lets go into today's interview...

Were you named after anyone?

I am. My mother named me after her.  She took "Rae" from Rachel and "Beth" from Elizabeth, which is her name, and put them together to come up with mine... RaeBeth. :)

Do you like your handwriting?

At times I do. Sometimes I get into a certain type of writing style that I love. I'm sure everyone does this though.

Do you have a journal?

Sort of. I have two different journals where I write letters to my daughter Dakota and within those letters, I write how I feel. As well as my wishes for her or my family. Then, I use my blog called Rae-Beth's Corner for an online journal about my life.

What is your favorite cereal?
I love cereal, especially Cheerios. 

Do you think you are strong?

I don't think I am muscle strong. But I think I can take some stuff emotionally. I've been through a lot of pain in my twenty six years of life and I'm still ticking.

What's your first thought when you wake up? 

I wonder what today will hold. Then, I pray that it's not filled with tear, but of hope and faith.

What's your favorite character from a book?

Oh there are so many. I don't think I can properly answer this one. There are so many characters out there which I love. 

What country would you most like to visit?

I would love to see Japan.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope I'll have my rainbow baby before then. As well as have all of my current books that I am working on published and new works in progress. :)

Are you close with your parents?

I am extremely close with my mother. She's my best friend. I don't think there is anything that she doesn't know about me. As for my dad, we aren't so close. I don't see him as often as I would like. The same goes for my sisters, too.

Do you believe God?

Yes! There's no hesitation on that one. I am a firm believer of our Lord and I have faith that I'll meet him one day. (As well as my daughter and other family members who have passed.)

Do you hold grudges? 

No. I am the type of person who doesn't like conflict. When something is going on, I try to resolve it as soon as possible. It's hard for me to go on knowing someone is upset with me or mad.

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