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Friday, February 16, 2018

Sneak Peek Friday: #loveyoumore

Can you believe we are already in week three of the month? It's going by so fast. But let's not let that bum us out because I have another preview for you today from #loveyoumore.

What are your thoughts on this book? Intrigued? Excited? Tell me more...


I jerked awake in a panic to see what time it was. I didn't want to sleep in too much since Tyler was here. We only had the day left with each other before he had to pack up and head back to base. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him, especially since I didn't know if he'd come back. That was what worried me. This man was perfect, but was I enough to keep him coming back?
I stepped out of the shower to the aroma of coffee wading through the air; followed by the smell of something delicious. My stomach gurgled in response. Once I was completely ready for the day, I joined Tyler downstairs. He was dressed in only his pajama pants and no shirt; which brought my attention to his muscular back.
"Good morning," I said, taking a deep breath. "Something smells good," I finished as I sat at the table.
"Good morning and I'm making you breakfast. I hope you like omelets." he turned to face me, "Oh, that cup is for you." he said, bringing my attention to the cup of coffee on the counter.
"You didn't have to do all of this," I said, my heart filled with appreciation.
"No biggie. Just thought you'd enjoy some of my grandmother's special omelets. Let me know what you think." he said, putting a plate in front of me.
It was huge and stuffed with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and cheese. It smelled just as it tasted; delicious. "Hmmm," I said, showing him my liking to his breakfast.
"What's so special about them? Not to be mean, but you've made them exactly how I like them. The cheese isn't overbearing and I love the perfect taste of onions and peppers."
"See... if I told ya... I'd have to kill ya." he joked and then winked.
I rolled my eyes, "Whatever!" I said, popping a huge bite of food into my mouth.
"That's real ladylike... must make the guys come running."
I unsuccessfully tried to stick my tongue out at him. He burst out in laughter and sat down next to me to eat his breakfast. The laughing came out of nowhere and I could see by the look in Tyler's russet brown eyes. I folded my arms, eyebrows arched, waiting. Within moments, Tyler's laugh exploded like an opening of a water valve. I tried to keep a straight face, pushed my loose bangs behind my ear, and stood up to get more coffee.
"Where ya going?"
"What...I'm not allowed to have more coffee?" I sarcastically asked, pouring myself another cup.
"Nope." He laughed, getting up and coming over to me.
Suddenly, I found myself laughing with him as he tickled my sides. I waved my hands in the air as in a surrender. I tried to catch my breath and snorted in the process. Staring at him wide-eyed, shocked that I actually snorted, he started laughing. I tickled him back when I had a clear shot. With each surge of laughter, it released some of the tension I had hanging over me. It felt good to be filled with pure joy as we laughed. As soon as I was able to, I broke free and ran to the other room with him following close behind.
I tried to run from him by going around the coffee table, but I stubbed my toe instead and fell down on the couch. Rubbing my foot, I said, "Truce!"
"I'll give it to you this time. Next won't be so easy."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's my favorite day of the year!!!


What gift have you received in the past that you'll always remember?

I wouldn't say it's a gift I got but it's a gift I put a lot of thought and love in to. Several years ago, 
I got in touch with my crafty side and created a gift for my husband. It's by far my favorite. I used the lyrics of our wedding song and printed a few of them out. I cut small pieces of the lyrics out. I used one sheet of the lyrics and cut them into the shape of a tree with branches. Using yarn, I tied two 3-D hearts to one of the branches where the hearts looked as if they are swinging from the branch. Below you'll find the picture of this precious gift that I love so much. 

Tell me about your most memorable valentines day. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Sneak Peek Friday: #loveyoumore


It's something most little girls dream of as they get older. We strive to find
the one for us to share life with as we get older. Once we find that one, it's pure bliss being with that person who understands us more than anyone and would go to whatever lengths for us. 

But what happens when that love was temporary? That's what Colonia asks herself in #loveyoumore. 

But before I get into that, why not enjoy a piece of her happiness?


"I wanted to talk to you about something," his tone was completely serious.
I took a deep breath, "Okay. What's goin' on?"
"I'm a few week away from my four-year enlistment date in the Marines. I'm not reenlisting."
I was caught off guard. From all the conversations we've had over the past several months, I knew that being a Marine was more than just a way of life for him. It's who he was. It meant so much to him to be serving his country and the pride that generated from him when he talked about it, was impossible to miss. "Why? I thought you loved what you do?" I asked, confused.
"Well, I do but I love you more. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. How does that sound?"
I widened my eyes while he stared at me; as if I'd just produced a snake out of my pocket, waiting for me to respond. I could imagine the thoughts going through his mind, desperately trying to make sense of my facial expressions as I processed what he just said. His smile slowly faded while his mouth remained as an aberrant bleak line along with the stubbles of hair starting to appear along his jawline.
When I spoke, my voice was shaky, "I'm not sure what to say." My voice trailed slowly like my words were unwilling to take flight.
"Well, letting me know if you wanna be with me would be a great place to start."
Instantly, I felt bad for allowing him to hang in limbo, but this wasn't something I had expected, nor thought about. He was an amazing guy; too perfect. However, I didn't expect those daydreams I've had to become reality so soon. Without any more delay, "Yes, I think I would be able to handle that," I blurted out.
"Good," he said, fidgeting with his cell phone. As my phone dinged, he added, "listen to that song I forwarded to you. It says it all."
"Now?" I asked confused. Never had someone ever expressed their feelings to me through music, something else added to the list of awesome when it came to this man.
"Yeah. Now."
I pulled my cell up in front of me and tapped the notification that showed Tyler's message. My phone opened my music app. It didn't take me long to recognize the song. It had been the same one that Tyler had playing in the car the last time he was here. "This song." I smiled, taking in the lyrics.
"I want you to be with me, Colonia. Life without you doesn't make sense. Now, I'm not sure if you heard me or what..." he moved closer, taking my hand, "but I'm madly in love with you. I've never been very good at expressing my feelings so bare with me." He ran his hands over his pant legs as he took another deep breath. "It's crazy. Whenever I try to tell you how I feel, my throat tightens, blocking me from saying anything. I always know what to say and it takes a lot to get me stopped up on what I want to say."
"I think you're doing a great job at it," I said, trying to boost his confidence.
He glanced up at me and smiled, "It doesn't take much for me to be able to read people like they're an open book. You are the only one that I have a hard time understanding. I love that and it's one of the qualities you have that drew me to you. I love how you play with your hair and bite your lip when you're nervous."
My heart felt as if it were going to leap out of my chest, as tears threatened to escape from my eyes. I intertwined my hands and played with the back of a ring my mother had given me when I turned sixteen to help with the overflow of feelings that were coursing throughout my body.
"'re like a breath of fresh air, constantly refreshing and invigorating. Every moment with you is a surprise to me and that's intriguing because I don't like stories where I can guess what's going to happen next. I love your clumsy, anxious self and I find it sexy..."
At that moment he had me by the reference to a book. I leaned in closer as my heart melted with his touching words.
"...I love how you have chosen your own path in life and you know exactly what you want outta the life you've been given. You're strong, full of positive energy that pulls others to you, yet you're exceptionally perceptive and compassionate to all you encounter. You are the most overwhelmingly spirited person I have ever met in my life. Laughter is something I can always find when I'm around you and I'd be crazy not to as you to take a chance on me."

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sneak Peek Friday: #loveyoumore

Woohoo, it's my favorite month of the year...
.... February!!!

I love this month because it has my favorite holiday...

Since I call this the month of love, I'll be sharing a lot more about #loveyoumore to celebrate. 

Welcome to the first Sneak Peek Friday of the month. 


The rest of the day went by well. Tyler and I hung out, talking and catching up on the past few weeks. While we were in the middle of watching a movie, the doorbell sounded throughout the house.
"Expecting someone?" Tyler asked.
"No, no idea who it is. I'll be back." I said as I headed for the door.
"Hi," I said as I opened the door without realizing who was there.
My mother and two sisters stood in front of me. I felt a bit of panic due to the fact that I told them in the past about Tyler but they hadn't actually met him yet. Growing up, my sister's were loud, energetic, and extremely honest. There wasn't a filter on their mouths, which worried me. I had no idea if Tyler would be ready for this bunch, yet.
"Coffee on?" my mom asked.
"No, but I can fix that," I answered. "Come in. I was just watching a movie with Tyler." I said, giving them the hint that I wasn't alone and praying that they wouldn't do anything to embarrass me.
"Oh.. he's here?" Audra asked surprised. "Well... perfect timing. Where's he at?"
"Yeah, he's in the living room. Be nice and don't scare him off." I warned.
Disregarding my warning, my sister's headed off to the living room. Taking a deep breath, I followed. "Tyler, I'd like you to meet my sisters, Jen and Audra," I said, pointing to each as I said their names.
I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to these two. Jen was a bit of a workaholic. She always had her strawberry blonde hair in a low ponytail to keep it out of her face. She was short with a thicker build. Her hazel eyes scanned the room as she took a seat in a chair adjacent to the couch. Audra always had anger issues and tend to fly off at the mouth. The smallest thing could rub her the wrong way, sending her into a fury of irritation. Most of the time, she would complain of those who mistreated her and would party herself into a stupor. Once she pulled herself together, she would do it again. With her strong spirit and personality, she'd date guys who were just like her; control freaks and be surprised when things went wrong. After several weeks of dating, the two would break it off, leaving her bewildered; wondering what exactly it was that caused another relationship to abruptly end.
She followed closely behind Jen and took the seat at the other end of the couch. Her light brown hair falling toward her face as she got comfortable; sitting with one leg down on the floor and the other tucked snugly underneath her.
"I'm Audra," she said, her green eyes staring at him. "Nice to meet you."
"Likewise," Tyler replied with a nod and repositioned himself on the couch.
"I'm Jen." she said, waving a bit before continuing, "I'm the sucky older sister who works too much to come visit."
With a laugh, Tyler replied, "It's nice to meet you too."
" that we got the introduction out of the way. I have a question for you." Audra started and I rolled my eyes. I knew they wouldn't be able to resist giving him the third degree and battering him with questions.
"I'm an open book. Ask me anything."
"Colonia says you're a Marine who was in Iraq. Do you have any foreign diseases?"
With a chuckle, "No, I'm completely healthy." Tyler replied.
"Good, because I don't want you passing off any diseases to my sister that will kill her. Because'd have to deal with me," she warned.
"Audra, really?" I asked, giving her a look to tell her to knock it off.
I loved the fact that my sisters loved me enough to protect me, but at times, they could be a bit overprotective. I knew I would always be able to count on them. If my world was falling apart, they would be the ones I'd want by my side. They take control and are quick on their feet. They tend to cover every angle, helping to fix whatever was amiss, and stay right there by my side until everything was back in order. They always offered a shoulder to cry on and wouldn't leave me standing alone until I was good. They never rode on any mistakes I had made in the past. Once I was back on track, the crisis was over, never to be mentioned again. Once the storm had passed, their tolerance would go back to the way it was and I'd be the middle child once again. Jen would go back to being the woman who worked too hard, bringing in the money, while Audra went back to her impulsive ways.
"Sorry, I have to ask," she said with a shrug of her shoulders.
My mom chose the right moment to walk back into the room, "Coffee ready?" she asked as she looked at the side stand.
"Ohhhh, shoot!!" I said as I jumped up from my seat beside Tyler. "I'm sorry. I forgot. I'll get it now." I said, thankful for a moment to regroup myself and breathe.
My anxiety was getting to me as I waited for the coffee to finish brewing. I had been a ball of nerves, afraid my sisters were going to be a bit rough on Tyler. I took my time adding the crème and sugar while stirring it. I took a deep breath and headed back into the room with everyone else.
"Where did you go for that coffee?" Mom joked as I handed her the cup.
"Be careful. It's hot." I warned.
Tyler had been in mid-conversation and I quietly listened to him finish. It seemed as if he was telling them how life was for him when it came to visiting other countries. All seemed well and it looked as if Jen and Audra had relaxed a bit.
When Audra settled back into her chair, she smiled. "Sounds like it'd be exciting to travel the world and see different things." She peered my way, face reassuring me that she was going to behave.
"Oh, Japan! Really?" Jen asked surprised.
"Yes, really!" Tyler answered. "It was an amazing experience. Visiting Japan was, by far, my favorite place. I found it pretty cool that they include English on their signs and whatnot, in addition to Kanji.
"Bet it made things a bit easier for you?" My mom questioned.
"It did, but I had a few friends that spoke both languages and interpreted what I couldn't read. I was stationed in Okinawa, which was quite a peaceful place. It was an amazing opportunity to gain life experience while learning about another culture. I missed being home but it was well worth it.
"What was it like living half a world away from where you grew up?" Jen asked.
"Well, it was fun watching the higher ranked guys drive in a right-hand drive car on the opposite side of the road." Tyler smiled at the memory.
"Right-hand drive?" Audra asked confused.
"Basically the steering wheel is on the right side of the car instead of on the left like we have here."
"Ohhhh!! I bet that was weird at first to see." Jen chimed in.
"Absolutely. I thought it was pretty cool."
"Was the food gross?" Audra asked, shifting the direction of our the conversation.
"It's really not much different than the food we have here. Just the texture of some of it is different. The best part was the warm weather all year around. Who could complain about that?"
"I'd spend all my time on the beach. I'm a beach girl." Jen said. "How different are the stores and stuff there?"
"I had access to most everything you can find here in stores. There was some stuff that wasn't available but I didn't go without. Especially, when my grandmother constantly sent me packages."
"Sounds like it was a nice experience." My mom said. "My coffee's gone. You guys about ready?" she asked my sisters.
Jen jumped up, "Yep," she said, while Audra followed suit.
After we said our goodbye's, Tyler and I finished our movie while cuddling on the couch. The visit with my family wasn't as bad as I thought. However, the anticipation of hearing their opinion on Tyler had me apprehensive.


I hope you enjoyed this week's preview. I'd love to hear your thoughts, feel free to post them below and leave me a comment!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sneak Peek Friday: #loveyoumore

Happy Friday Everyone.....
Today's Sneak Peek Friday 

#loveyoumore is a contemporary romance that's based on a true story. Here's one song that helps inspire me when writing. 

Here's the preview for today:

As soon as I made my way inside, I sat on the couch, happy to take off the awfully painful shoes. My feet ached and reminded me of why I never wore dress shoes. Flopping back on the couch, I relaxed. Tyler joined me once everything had been carried in from the car. After such a long and tiring day, we both enjoyed the stillness and peace that surrounded us.
I leaned toward him, resting my head on his shoulder. The gentleness of his rough fingers rubbing my arm sent soothing tingles over my body. I looked up at him to smile when he surprised me with a kiss. In a room full of twilight and shadows, Tyler's intoxicating scent filled me. Tyler pulled me closer to him, our skin touching. Turning toward him, I felt his hand in my hair. As he watched my hair fall each time he reached the ends, his hand found it's way to my chin, where he guided me to his lips. The electricity that passed between us had the power to shut down all self-control while increasing the hormones. In one swift fluid motion, Tyler picked me up and made his way to the bedroom, without missing a beat with each kiss. Once he laid me on the bed, he compassionately looked at me, loving me with his eyes. The cool summer air that drifted in through the window did nothing for the heat that radiated from our bodies.
Leaning over me, he roughly kissed me as the world outside melted away. Every kiss had a raw intensity- our breathing intensified as our hearts raced faster. He was my choice of drug. All it took was one touch and instantaneously I was inebriated. Breaking away from the kiss, he stood tall and without missing a beat he undressed. Unable to break my eyes away from this exceptionally handsome man, my eyes followed him as he laid down on the bed.
With a smile, he said, "There it is. If you want it, take it." Then, waited.
Without missing a beat or second guessing myself, my eyes remained locked on his as I removed the tight dress I had worn for my graduation. I made my way over to him, straddled him, and from there it was all passion, intense, and intoxicating. It was my release, my escape, my happy place. The chemistry between us was much deeper, more sensual than I had ever experienced before. In the heat of the moment, we became one.
Laying on the bed, trying to catch my breath, I smiled. Once again Tyler had proved that he was a man of many talents. My mind replayed everything that had happened, leaving me in my own haze as I drifted off to sleep.


What do you think of the preview? Leave your thoughts and comments below. 

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rambling with RaeBeth: #loveyoumore

This week I'm discussing a bit more about my upcoming book called #loveyoumore. Stay tuned for Fridays where you'll find exclusive sneak peeks into this romance.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fumbled Faith Sneak Peek #2

I've been working really hard to finish Fumbled Faith and have the goal to have it finished by Feb. 14th. In the meantime, I'll be sharing small previews for you to enjoy and get a feel for the book. If you haven't read the first preview, you can do so by clicking HERE!

Now on to the more exciting things.....
... the PREVIEW!!! Yay. 



Loud music tore through the once quiet parking lot as a few people stumbled outside. The stench of stale cigarettes lingered right outside of the door. The smoke twisted artfully throughout the room as I stepped inside, forming swirls in the gloom with hundreds of conversations entertaining with each other in loud voices. The overly large crowd was better for me than the silent walls of my home. I wound my way through the small dancing crowd to the bar toward the back. Along the wall behind the L-shaped bar, every hue of amber liquid sat perfectly on the shelves in front of a large mirror. I raised a shaking hand to grab the bartender’s attention as I sat down on the torn leather stool. My heart raced as the guilt thickened, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until the voice of reason was silenced. “What can I get ya, Handsome?” The busty bartender asked as she wiped the area in front of me with a damp rag. “Jack and coke, please,” I replied. “Coming right up,” she said with a smile she seemed used to wearing. I rested my arms on the rough bar while I waited for my drink.
Laughter rang out over the rock music while the stagnant stench of a cigarette engulfed my senses. A young woman with a too-revealing top settled in beside me as she took a long drag from the source of the stench. Blowing out a puff of smoke, she smiled at me, “And what’s a handsome fellow like you doin’ alone in a place like this?” she asked. I wasn’t in the mood for talking, but answered anyway, “getting away.” She leaned further than necessary on the bar, her black hair falling over one shoulder and landing just above her overly exposed cleavage. She leaned her head to the side while pushing her red lips out a bit. In my younger years, she would have been one I went home with, however on this particular night, I wanted to be left alone. My drink arrived, and ruby lips ordered another drink. The bartender turned toward her while taking her order in a flash. Ruby lips played with her hair as she watched me sipping my drink. Her eyes felt as if they were burning into me, I downed the rest of the drink and signaled for another. Part of me wondered if she recognized who I was, but the other didn’t care.
While she twiddled with her hair in a seemingly absent-minded way, she glanced at me while she attempted to drink sexily from a straw. I wasn’t buying it nor would I ever. One woman had my heart and fate had taken her away. I disregarded her as I focused on the drink in front of me, “keep em coming,” I told the bartender, who had no problem keeping up with my demands.
The sixth drink had arrived. Listening to the small ice cubes clinking against the glass, the stress I felt when I walked in started to fade. Breathing in the strong fragrance of my drink, I had no care in the world, even Ruby Lips seemed to have gotten the picture that I was here for one thing. I drank in silence, hoping that the answers I needed were at the bottom of the bottle. Few words were exchanged, and I intended to savor the ease as my drinks slipped down seamlessly. I closed my eyes as I took another gulp, dwelling in the flavor of ‘ole glory. The burn no longer bothered me and always had me coming back for more. As I finished off my drink, someone caught my attention in the mirror behind all the bottles of relief. I swiftly sat my glass down and turned toward the thinning crowd. As I struggled to stand, I left a tip at the counter and headed off to the beauty of the room. The blonde curls, perfect curves, and pleasing laugh made me believe Grace was here. As I watched her, I studied the way she moved her hips and danced to the rhythm of the music. When the woman turned around, her facial features resembled Grace, but reality bypassed the alcohol and reality set in. She was not my Grace, my beautifully perfect wife because she died. All at once, I came crashing down as I made my way back to the bar. “Sue, I’ll take the whole bottle,” I yelled to the bartender.
“You finished it, Kol. Besides, with the way you’re stumbling around here, I’d say you had enough. Go home and sleep it off,” she yelled back and winked.
I knew that was the best thing for me to do right now. The harsh scent of whiskey lingered around me as several people moved out of my way. It was easy to see me struggling to keep my balance as I made my way to the door. Driving wasn’t the best decision I made but what choice did I have? I had nothing to lose. Somewhere within, my brain processed my surroundings and sent the signal to the rest of my body on what to do, as if it were on autopilot. I don’t recall the drive home, but suddenly I’m parked in the long driveway staring at my empty house. I was drunk, plain and simple. I slumped down in the recliner and unknowingly fell asleep with ease.


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