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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Get ready for the HYBRID.... #forbiddendestiny


You've asked for it, and I'm here to tell you that the newest Witch is in town. Sophie will be making an enchanting journey into another world and YOU are invited. 

So, without wasting any more time...
Take a peek into her journey below:


"Evil is upon us more than ever, child. The situation which faces us is one only those who have mastered the greatest magic can fight. We have demonic forces to face. Eros, an Incubus, has taken a vacancy in a tiny, dilapidated home on Lyons Avenue here in town. He plans to take over humanity. The Incubus is a shape shifter with power beyond belief."
"Shape shifters usually aren't our problem. Witches deal with nature and those of good." Emma commented.
"You are correct, but Eros’ intentions are not the best. He has been transitioning between his usual self to a Succubus. His immediate plan is to impregnate a mortal woman with his spawn, which he calls Cambion. The Cambion are demonic nature." The Goddess explained.
"How is it possible?" Sophie wondered.
"Eros is known for his abilities to shape shift into whatever he requires. It can be an animal, a human, or another demon. The possibilities are infinite. He's been presenting himself to human men as an attractive woman. He gets them to lay with him by influencing his victim with mind control. Once he has full control over the man, he steals their seed." Pax declared.
"What! That's screwed up and sickening! How can he do that? Isn't it against the force of nature?" Sophie interrupted.
"Yes, and that's why all good forces are called in. Once Eros has the seed, he shifts into an irresistible man for a mortal woman. He uses mind control on them, influencing them into bed where he plants the seeds of a mortal man and his own into the woman. The result is a Cambion."
"What does he stand to achieve by doing this?" Stella wondered.
"The plan is to construct a Cambion army. With this army, he plans to wreak havoc on earth. All life will be in complete control of evil. That will throw off the real balance of nature. Thus, not good for anyone or anything."
"What do they look like?" Emma asked.
"They appear as human but have power! They are devious and grow to the size of a seven-year-old mortal child within six months. They show no sign of life before the human age of seven, in other words, they have no pulse and don't breathe. They survive off of their mother during the six-month transition, slowly killing their mother while feeding off her energy and nutrition." Pax explained.
"Unbelievable!" Stella exclaimed, baffled.
"What happens once they grow to the size of the seven-year-old human?" Sophie asked, fiddling with her pillow.
"Eros will train them. Teach them to use their powers for evil so they can continue to grow their army. They will seek out feeble women who are depressed and alone. Eros makes those women experience a temporary calm, making them feel loved once again. He does the same to men. The guys he chooses are at their lowest of lows. He boosts them up with an attractive woman and makes them feel useful again."
"Let me get this right; he waits for those who are down in the dumps and uses them as prey?" Sophie asked.
"For the lack of better words, yes, I would say so." Pax agreed.
"You called on my dear granddaughter to help with this fight, didn't you?" Stella interjected.
"I do not say this with much happiness, but yes I did. Sophie has unique abilities, and with the right training and practice, she can become powerful. I feel she'll be stronger than Eros himself."
"I can't do something like that. I'm just a small town girl who knows how to give one hell of a massage. I'm not the person you're looking for, Goddess. You have the wrong woman."
"My daughter, I know what power you behold. For it was I, who gave it to you. I know you will be remarkable and do immeasurable things with proper knowledge and practice. I wish we were able to introduce you to the 'other world' before this moment, however, due to the circumstances we cannot change, you don't have much time."



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