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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event- Day 10

We are back with the 10th interview of the month. I hope you are enjoying the event while learning more about what makes me tick as a person and author. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been hanging out and reading each interview. I love hearing from you and love seeing your comments. With that said, we are now on to interview 10:

Q: Do you sleep with your closet door open or closed?
A: That depends. I have a lot of clothes. I will admit, I'm not one who likes to put my clothes away. So when I get into the mood and put them away....then the door is closed. But, if there are a few baskets that need put away, the door is open.

Q: Have you taken the shampoo and conditioner bottles from a hotel you stayed in?
A: I have. I look at it this way... I paid for that room and they will throw the stuff away. So, why let it go to waste?

Q: Do you watch college football?
A: I don't, but I cheer for West Virginia University.

Q:Who was the last person to send you a text? 
A: My Husband. Right now he's on his way out of town for work. :(
Q: Where was the last place you went shopping? 
A: I believe the last place I went shopping was at Walmart for Black Friday. I was impressed to find books for $5, when they were originally $15.
Q: How do you feel about your hair?
A: I think it's getting thinner. I used to have really thick hair. But overall, I love it and I am happy the Lord has blessed me to keep it. I know a few people out there who would do anything to have their hair back.

Q: Do you have any expensive jewelry?
A: My Wedding ring is the most expensive I have. I'm not one for lots of jewelry.
Q: Do you like math?
A:  I hate math. When it comes to doing math, I always ask hubby to do it seeing how he's a nerd for math.

Q: How many hours on average do you work a week:

A: 24 hours a day - I am a wife & mother, as well as an author and blogger!
Q: Last restaurant you went to?
A: I can't remember the name of it. It was the first time I ever went and I loved the food. I'm not great with names... hahaha, which is crazy since I'm an author.

Q: Who was the last person to call you?
A: The last person was my Aunt Sam, which was calling me back. I was wishing her a Happy Birthday. 

Q: What's your sign?
A: Gemini, although I don't follow along with it. 

Q: Do you have a favorite number?
A: Yes, it's 8.

Q: Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?
A: I am constantly making donations to Pregnancy and Infant Loss. I donated about $20 the last time I purchased a hair bow for my daughter. Then, shortly after that I donated to a Facebook event for Domestic Violence. 
Q: Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
A: I'm not an only child. I have two blood sisters, and three step sisters.

Q: Do you drink beer?
A: No, I hardly drink to begin with. But since I'm trying to get pregnant, alochol isn't part of my beverages. 

Q: Whats your favorite color? 
A: Hot Pink
Q: Are you missing anyone at the moment?
A: Yes, my husband and my youngest daughter.
Q: Did you take a nap today?
A:  Surprisingly, no. I haven't taken a nap during the day in a few weeks.
Q: Ever been on a cruise? 
A:  No, and I don't plan on ever going on one. I hate water because I can't really swim. I never learned how.
Q: Favorite actor? 
A: Channing Tatum
Q: Favorite actress?
A: Kate Hudson

Q: Are you multitasking right now?
A: Yes, always.

Q: Could you handle being in the military?
A: No. I had a small taste of it when my husband and I first met and I could not even be a Military wife. I do thank all Military personal & their spouses. I would say that would be the hardest job.

Q: Can you speak any other languages?
No, English only. But I would love to learn a few more.
Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? 
A: About four or five pair.

That's all with today's interview. Check back tomorrow for more random questions.
Thank you for stopping by and reading. Now I ask you to pick one question from this list and answer it in the comments below. :)


  1. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

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