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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event- Day 6

1.            Please tell us the name of your book.
The name of my first book is Silenced.
2.            What genres do you write in?
At this time, I write in Young Adult/Christian.
3.            Tell us a little about your book?
Silenced is based off of depression and self harm. It gives the reader an inside view of what may go on in the mind of a cutter.
4.            Is your book a short story, novel, and/or a part of a series?
It’s part of a small (two book) series.

5.            Are you self-published?

I am self published. :)

6.            What aspect of your book sets it apart from others in your genre?

I believe my book has a lot in it. Most of it is based off of real people and their battles with depression/self harm. My book is a message in it’s entirety.

7.            Where do you get your inspirations for your books? 
My inspirations come from everywhere, but I believe I’m blessed with some ideas directly for our Lord.
8.            How long did it take you to write your book? 
Silenced took me about five years.
9.            Who are your favorite characters in the book?  Why?  
Amber- She’s most like I was when I was a teen.

10.         Have you ever killed off a character you were attached to?  If so, how did you feel while you wrote the scene? 

Not yet. So I can’t honestly answer this question.

11.         What is next on your agenda?   
I’m in the process of publishing Silenced 2: The Overtaking which is the second and last book within the series. I’m also working on a book about loosing my daughter who was stillborn.
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  1. you write what is close to your heart i believe thats what makes you an a amazing author