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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thirty #Interviews in Thirty Days #Event- Day 19

When did you realize that writing is your cup of tea?
I didn't realize it until after I wrote and published Silenced. My plan was to put it out there and see what happened. I didn't think many people would be interested in my work, but now it seems like just about all authors think this way. I saw lovely reviews coming in and that's when I realized..."Hey... maybe I can write. Let's try another round." That's how The Overtaking was born. I again saw people loving this series. 

When I wrote Saying Goodbye, this was a given. So many people from all over the world followed my journey with Dakota and I had to honor her memory by sharing her story with the world. 

How would you choose books for giveaways?
I have changed the way I plan on doing giveaways in the future. There are a limited number of books I am willing to donate for giveaways. Each book has a set number of copies. I also plan on NOT doing giveaways with book items (bookmarks, magnets, etc.) until my blow out giveaway at the end of the year. This way I'll be giving away a massive amount of wonderful prizes at the end of each year.

Are you a full-time writer?

Yes and No. I am a full time writer but I am also a full time Mommy. So, I am able to write when needed, but I do have to reserve time with my daughter.

Why did you choose YA over other genres to write?
Well, I chose YA for the Silenced Series because cutting and depression happen very often within this age group. I felt that I'd be able to reach more people if I would write it in a teen perspective.

Which genre you prefer to read, apart from YA?
I love to read all types of books. It depends on my mood though.

What are your tips for writing?
Write consistently and use feedback. Criticism is needed to revise a manuscript. Don't do things half way either. You need to put it all up in the front and work hard to make your manuscript the best it can be BEFORE you release it into the public. Don't wait until others pick out the flaws within your book before you decide to edit or format.

What are the technicalities that have to be kept in mind while writing?
One must overcome the many distractions found when working at home.

Do you buy books you need to read or just collect books to read in future?

I read for pleasure, so I collect books to read in the future.

Do you encourage ebooks as a reader and writer?
Yes. I read both print and e-books, and there are advantages to both. The advantage of ebooks is that it’s convenient to read things outside of home. It’s easier to bring my Kindle on a trip versus a pile of books.

How do you name a novel?
It comes from the theme of a manuscript or a phrase from it.

How did you start blogging?I started blogging mainly when my daughter was diagnosed with Pica. I wanted to note our journey and have something to refer to over the course of this time. I wanted to see if she was improving or needed more help. Blogging about my daughters Pica was another way I wanted to show families who are going through it too... that they are not alone. I called that one Emma's World. Then, I started doing product reviews for companies and started Rae-Beth's Corner. I blogged for companies for a year and then took a break. I came back to Rae-Beth's Corner to blog about my journey to my wedding vows. 

Shortly after is when I found out I was pregnant with Dakota. So, of course I had to blog about that. When we lost her... I turned to Rae-Beth's Corner as a way to express my feelings and my journey, while helping others in the process.

Please suggest other networking sites to promote readership and writing?
I also use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

What do you like the most, reading or writing?
I like both equally, so I can’t decide.

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