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Monday, January 25, 2016

Power of Hope: Reclaiming Hope

Life can get pretty stressful and chaotic. Right? I believe so. 

If we don't take the opportunity to reclaim the peace, hope, and calmness life offers, we will eventually be weighed down by the negativity that surrounds us.

Let's take a look at the word reclaim. 

reclaim (v)
  • to recover (substances) in a pure or usable form from refuse, discarded articles, etc.
  • to bring back to a preferable manner of living, sound principles, ideas, etc.

The most important part of this definition is in bold: bring back to a preferable manner of living! In order to to this we take each part of this series and put them into play. Once we see what hope is and know the meaning, we can find it and embrace it. After we can reclaim it for our lives and live a life full of hope. 

Our focus for the future is to look forward with faith and hopes that the Lord has something great in store for us. We need to live by the fact that the Lord promises us many things and He will come through. For us to completely reclaim our hopes, we HAVE to lean on the Lord for guidance. Some may not understand, however, this is not for us to understand. We can have hope in our future because God is here with us. He wants us to live a full life of greatness. He has set us free and has given us the ability to reclaim that hope so that we may live a joyful life.

The Lord wants us to push away darkness and lies so we are not oppressed any longer. We are not to allow the spirits in the world to discourage or lie to us. Jesus is our hope in the dark times and we must reclaim this! We are precious to Him. It takes one heck of a man to give up His life for those that He loves. This in itself should give you hope. He has joy and mercy in abundance to give us. We must not allow the mayhem or misery of the enemy to steal our faith, hope, and joy. 

When life begins to feel hopeless, lift your eyes and look higher than this world. Look at Him. Look for Him. He is the One who has all power over heaven and earth. He is the one who reigns. 

Reclaim your hope by believing that YOU ARE WORTH IT! 
Reclaim your hope by knowing there is more to this life than what meets the eyes. 
Reclaim your hope by prayer and calling upon the Lord. 
Reclaim hope.
 Reclaim joy. 
Reclaim peace. 
Reclaim your life!

Are you ready to reclaim your life by reclaiming hope in the future and in God?


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