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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Corner: 'More Than' Discussion

Welcome to week five in our discussion of 
More Than: Abandon Your Labels, Embrace Your Calling.

This week we read Chapter 6 which was about the reasons behind our calling.

As I was reading, I thought about the why behind my various ways with writing. I'm an author of four books with more in the making, the author of several blogs, and I do my own personal journals, too. Of course, the journals are more for personal reflection than for public purposes. Although at times I do use some of the written words in my posts.

Well, the author asks us to write down the why behind our what and to think about what's holding us back and to add that as well.

This is what I came up with...

At first, the why behind my writing was a personal outlet. I used writing as a way to express the feeling inside in a healthy manner. I found that writing in journals help me but also others too. Then, when I figured out that my personal outlet could help someone see that there is life past the hurts and we can actually be happy while living with depression. That's where Silenced was born. There are several places in the book where I took entries from my own journal and placed into Amber's. 

The why behind my writing is because I want to inspire. I want to show someone that there is more to this life than what meets the eyes. I want to help someone see life for what it can be; past the hurt and pain. 

As I thought about what was holding me back, I realized that my excuses were just that.... EXCUSES! How am I ever going to be the person who helps if I don't make the time to fully write and push my work? Yes, at times I get a bit discouraged with my writing when I see another author who started in their career after me making best selling lists. However, I can hear the Lord telling me... "NOT YET"

The very thing to push me forward into this writing is to embrace that this is my time to write and allow the Lord to work with my future for my writing. He's telling me to hold off and not to rush it. My time will come, but I still need to write. 

What is the why behind your what and what is holding you back?

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