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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hanging with Larry Sparks

This Wednesday we will be starting our newest book for the book corner. However, I'd like to talk a bit more about the overall book and author. This book is a rather large one. 

Book Information:

We all experience the impossibilities of life, just like the four men in the Bible who sought Jesus’ healing touch for their paralyzed friend. The question is—how will you respond?

You have two options. You can accept your circumstances as God’s will and simply give up… or, you can break through and receive everything God has waiting for you.

Breakthrough Faith will help you discover…
  • You have an enemy: all circumstances are not God’s will
  • God is both willing and able to miraculously move in your life
  • You already possess breakthrough faith: you just need to activate it
  • The mind matters: what you think about God determines what you experience
  • Intimacy with the Father ushers you into a supernatural lifestyle and greater works
  • Practical keys to activating breakthrough faith in your life: Declaration, Testimony, and Presence

The paralytic’s four friends didn’t give up and broke through the roof to get to Jesus—and experienced the miraculous. You can break through too! Get ready to activate the faith God has given you and break through every impossibility that comes against your life!

Author Information:
Larry Sparks is a columnist for Charisma, teacher and revivalist who is committed to training the body of Christ through 3 key seminars: 1) Sustaining a Lifestyle of Revival, 2) Revival in Media, and 3) Breakthrough Faith. Featured on CBN, TBN, and Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Larry is passionate about raising up communities who usher in regional revival and awakening.


If you haven't had the opportunity to pick up the book yet, you can do so by clicking HERE!


Book Discussion Schedule

February 17- Chapters 1-3 
February 24- Chapters 4-6
March 2: Chapters 7-9
March 9: Chapters 10-12
March 16: Chapters 13-15
March 23: Chapters 16-19
March 30: Chapters 20-24

I'll see you this coming Wednesday to talk about Chapters 1-3!!!

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