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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Book Corner: Breakthrough Faith Discussion

Welcome to our second week of discussing Larry Sparks book, "Breakthrough Faith: Living A Life Where Anything Is Possible". This week we are talking about chapters four through six. 

Larry Sparks seems to be on track so far with this book. He makes some powerful points on and about faith that really makes you think. I believe this book has the potential to help Christians get back on track and work on their faith. It also is a great place to start when you're wanting to build your faith in the right direction. 

Chapter four gives the readers what the truth about the enemy and basic understanding for the realities for Christians. This chapter was powerful for me because I didn't realize how much time I spent pointing out the blows from the enemy, which was allowing him to have power over me. However, I totally agree with not allowing him the ability to override what God has already done. 

I would say this week's reading gives great points when one is trying to understand God vs. Satan. 

My favorite quotes from this week are:

"We shut the accuser's mouth every time we declare the eternal power of Jesus' blood!" (Pg 53)

"It is so important that we build a solid faith foundation if we are going to experience a lifestyle of victory, and this all starts with being grounded in who God is, and, in turn knowing who we are in Him." (pg 55)

"Failure to know what God is really like and what His law requires destroys the soul, ruins society, and leaves people to eternal ruin." (pg 62)

"The blood of Jesus made us worthy to be inhabited by the Spirit of God." (67)

What have you learned from this weeks reading and how will you apply it to life? Has anything surprised you? What spoke to your heart? What quotes spoke to you?

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