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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Book Corner: 'More Than' Discussion

Welcome to the sixth week of our book discussion of 
More Than: Abandon Your Labels, Embrace Your Calling.

This week we read through Chapter 7, which we read about leaving behind our unnecessary luggage.

This chapter really had me thinking because I believe that I'm about to go into a new season of my life where I have to display and show my faith in God. I'm not a person who likes change or new things. As a matter of fact, I try my hardest to keep things normal and basic. Therefore, this chapter has opened my mind to the new in my very near future and I'm working on the anxiety that comes along with that. 

I believe that I do have little things dragging behind me that is keeping me from securing my future with God's blessings. I believe He's in an idle mode, waiting for me to shed some of this and show real faith in Him. As the author stated within the chapter, "It's time for us to get rid of our safety nets and back up plans, watching them float away, and determine that forward is the only way to go." (pg 65) This will be a task for me because I'm always the one to ask "What if" questions. It's time that I shed myself of this anxiety for the unforeseen future and trust FULLY in God and His wonderful plan for me. 

Thinking throughout the chapter, I have come to realize that I have been carrying around old baggage. The main one is all the books I had from college that I don't use anymore and I didn't think about it...but those books aren't useful for me any longer. I've kept them as a just in case basis. I always thought maybe I would need to refer back to them and use them in the future. Well, I graduated a while ago and I think it's time to pass them on. 

Here are the quotes that struck a nerve in me as I read,

"When we finally step into our calling, it is vital that we leave our luggage behind." (pg. 63)

"We must leave our suitcases behind because it shows that we are finally stepping out in true faith." (pg. 63)

"In order to move into our future, we have to shed all the unnecessary weight." (pg. 68)

"By releasing the things that keep us secure, that keeps our reslove teetering between all in and the safe zone, we can confidently step out in faith without ever looking back to what could have been." (pg. 69)

How has this chapter impacted your life? 
What are some of the luggage you found you need to let go? 

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