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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Book Corner: 'More Than' Discussion

Welcome to week seven, which is our final week discussing
More Than: Abandon Your Labels, Embrace Your Calling.

Chapter 8 is the final chapter and we talk about being a lion and not a poodle. 

I'll be honest, the heading of this chapter threw me off when I first read it, but once I finished it I totally agree with it. 

In this chapter, the author takes us on a small reminder for the final chapter. I enjoyed it.

"To remind you, to remind me, that we are so much more than our current circumstance, a past label, failed dream, or negative word or words that have been spoken over us. Once we allow those labels to be removed, ourselves to be relabeled for a cause and to start to identify ourselves the way that God identifies us, then and only then, can we begin to discover our calling." (pg 69)

Wow! How powerful is that? Am I the only one who feel that this couldn't be any more true and it has the gears going for future hope? 

I know that I'm ready to be like the lion. I want to run full force, jump the fence of anxiety that's holding me back, so I can embrace the future that the Lord has in store for me. I most definitely will be referring back to this book in the future as a reminder of stepping out in my faith. 

I want to personally thank the author for writing a book that makes us see ourselves in ways we don't normally see and for helping us embrace the calling the Lord has on our lives. 


My favorite quotes from this chapter are:

"In life, there will always be a good path, but God wants you to take the great path." (pg 75)

"...leave behind you luggage and the security of knowing the next step in order to trust that His plan is greater than anything we could ever come up with? If so, you can rest assure that you have a father in Heaven who loves you, will never abandon you and will walk alongside you as you take those steps to live out His calling for your life." (pg 75)


What quotes from this chapter really hit home for you?


Readers, let's be the lion in all that we do and push away anything which holds us back from being anything less than who the Lord has called us to be. 

In closing to this discussion, I want to thank you for following along and reading this book with me. I had a great time and look forward to diving into the next book on our list. Until then.... take care and heed to the words that spoke to you throughout this book. 

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