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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Blessing

As the new year approaches, I want to say a small prayer for you....

Father God,
I want to thank you for the gift of another year. Another year full of blessings and your love. Another year to praise and worship you. I come to you to ask you to pour your love over the person reading this. Father, this is my prayer for those who read it and follow my blog.

I pray for strength for each day during the year
so that they may face ANY situation that comes their way.

I pray for happiness and blessings to pour over them
while they make their way through the new year.

Help them to live a life full of gratitude and hope.

Help them to not be bitter but glad.
Pour joy into their lives, Father.

I pray for anything negative to be taken 
and left in the past.

grant them joy, peace, and love.
Hope, Faith, and Grace.

In Jesus Name

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