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Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Corner

Each year we open up to new and exciting things. I've given it much thought for the past few weeks and I wanted to add to this blog in more ways than only sharing the news about my work. I wanted to offer readers more. Don't get me wrong...I love doing what I do, however I believe I have so much more within to share and need to just do it.

Starting in January, I'll be selecting a book from my "To-Read" list and blogging about it every few chapters. I'm inviting you all to join in. So, I'll give you a heads up with what books I'll be reading and you can purchase your own copy to follow along.

This section of my blog will be the Book Corner: Blogging about Books. I'll make a section dedicated to my study of each chapter and this will in turn help you find new/exciting books or authors.

I hope this sounds interesting and that you'll join in. I'll work on the reading list today and post it later on. Keep your eyes open for the release of this list so you can join in.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds great. I'm starting my read tonight. Thank you for hosting this and introducing me to a few new books.