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Monday, May 30, 2016

Who is He?

It's eight o'clock on a Sunday morning. You wake to the sound of your alarm, quickly shut it off, and climb out of bed. You grab your phone off the side and head to the kitchen. It's time to get ready for church. While the coffee is brewing, you give a shout to the kids to get up and head to get a quick shower. With your hair folded up in the towel, soaked from the shower, you make take in the sweet aroma of coffee while you make yourself a cup. Midway through you nice quiet moment, the kids roll out of bed, whining that it's too early and they didn't want to get up. You inhale and prepare for your day ahead. 

The rush starts.

Brush teeth.
Get dressed.

Once the kids are ready, you run off to do something quick with your hair and throw on your waterproof makeup. After a twenty minute fight to get everyone out the door, you rush off to morning church.

Does this sound a bit familiar? I know it does for me because this is my Sunday routine. However, I had the moment to ponder this past Sunday on something. As I was doing my quiet time in the morning, I decided to do my daily devotionals. This was when I realized something. I never really sat and thought about who God really is. I push myself and my family to stay on track and be sure to include God in my everyday. I talk to Him constantly. I swear if someone saw me on a daily basis, they'd think I was crazy. Especially if they're not a believer. 

A small insight to a conversation I recently had with the Lord went a something like this...

I picked up the phone bill, took a deep breath, and opened it. (I hate when the bills come in.) I see the amount owed, which is too high for my liking. "Lord, you have a phone bill down here that needs your attention. This one is yours." I call out to the Lord. 

I have small moments like this during my day. However, I never really stopped to think about besides my Lord and Savior, who is He? I took some time to finally be able to answer this. Here is my answer to who He really is...

God is good and everything He does is great. Everything... I mean everything that he made is good. All of his actions and decisions are good. God is the meaning of what it means to be good. The thoughts that He thinks are always good and not harmful. He's always slow to anger and forgives quickly. When He is angry, this anger is always righteous. 

God is perfect! He always gets it right on the first try and He NEVER makes a mistake. The power He has over sin is strong and mighty. He uses our sins to accomplish good in our lives and helps us learn more of who we are. He is sovereign over evil, yet He is entirely separate from it. However, nothing is out of His control. 

He is merciful.
He is powerful.
He is knowledgeable in everything.
He is patient.
He is faithful.
He is true to all.
He is reliable.
He is honest.

He exists out of time and space. 
He is the creator of it all, including the universe.

He is the ONLY God who was and is to come! He is eternal.

God is worthy of all to praise His name, worship Him, love Him, abide in Him, and adore Him.


After I fully understood who God is, I realized that He is worthy of my love. He deserves the devotion I should give Him. He is obedient to my calls and prayers, therefore, I need to be obedient of His calls and plans for my life. Once I started being obedient to His plan, I found Him at the center of my life. My life was full of pure joy, perfect peace, and many blessings. 

Who is He to you?

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