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Friday, July 1, 2016

BIG event coming your way.....

Things are crazy in the Buda house. 

I am finding that it's super hard to do any type of work pertaining to my books with a toddler running around. However, I'm reworking my schedule to include a lot more time to writing. It's driving me crazy not doing what my heart desires to do.

I'm in the process of planning an event later in this summer and would love it if you joined in to help. I'm looking for books, swag, or even You for this event. If you're interested, please message me.

As a heads up, if you're interested in the upcoming event, please keep an eye on my book page on Facebook. I'll tell you this... BE ACTIVE TO WIN SOME AWESOME PRIZES!! I'll give you a hint... the "Door prize" is a KINDLE FIRE!

More information to come when the time is right. 
See you on Facebook. 

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