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Thursday, April 25, 2013

How I Made My First Book Sale?

As a self published author, I get asked frequently how I made my first book sale. This question is hard to pin point exactly what I did to help with the my first book sale. I say this because every book is different and unique in their own way. What I can say is what I did leading up to the release of my first book, which helped create awareness and lead to my first book sale. 

When Silenced was complete in editing from my end and I sent it off to the editor, my marketing began. This is where I really worked hard to create awareness for my book. I created graphics and an event on Facebook. The graphics weren’t shared anywhere until after the reveal in the event. This helped with the excitement. During the event, I gave small teasers and those who attended played games for prizes.

I created a Street team to help spread the word. The team is still kicking off but it’s a work in progress. I started a blog where I write small posts about my writing journey, my thoughts on writing or publishing, and where I share all upcoming events. 

The key to selling the first book is to create as much awareness as you can, especially if you’re a self published author and all the marketing is on you.

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