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Monday, September 19, 2016

Update with the Author

Hey guys,

I wanted to post a small message to let you all know what's going on here with my books and writing. I know that it seems like it's been forever since I released another book, but I promise I am working hard on several books. Each one of these books is in different genre however, they're still packed full of inspiration and heartfelt.


The Gracious Wife: Being Her Husband's Crown has had most of my attention. This book is aimed at wives who want to live a life as a gracious wife. In this small book, I give you my take on marriage and making God at its center. I'm in the process of adding in a few more things that I feel are important to talk about. I've done one major revision on it. Once I'm complete with the additions, I'll do another read through.  

Rainbow Story is one I know a lot of my readers are waiting for. This one is about my life with my rainbow baby. However, things haven't gone the way I had planned for this one. I wanted to keep a daily journal to record my feelings and thoughts during the pregnancy/birth of my rainbow son, however life got me really messed up at the time. So I didn't get to do this. Therefore, I'll be writing this book all from memory. 

I have decided that I won't be publishing the book based upon the paranormal aspects. I started writing this book in 2012 before I had given my life to Christ. At this time, I'm having an internal battle because I'm not sure if this would be a book a Christian would be writing. I'm so torn on this because I put three years of work into it. I've been praying to God for my answers but haven't gotten them yet. Once I do I'll make the final decision on the fate of this book. (I'm sorry to those of you who were looking forward to this book.)

I'm working on a book dedicated to my grandmother. She passed away before I was born at the age of 26 from breast cancer. This will be one emotional read!!!

Keep checking back here or on my website for news, events, and inspiration! 
Thanks for reading.
God Bless

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