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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Corner: Breakthrough Faith Discussion

** I do apologize for the discussion being late.**

Welcome to our third week of discussing Larry Sparks book, "Breakthrough Faith: Living A Life Where Anything Is Possible". 

This week we are talking about chapters seven through nine.

In this section, Larry covers in more detail about breakthrough faith. 

The Holy Spirit is God on earth and we need to intentionally develop a relationship with the Holy Spirt to experience breakthrough faith. We must realize that the Holy Spirit is a Person who is just as much God as the Father and the Son. In relation to the relationship that's discussed, we need to be intentional when developing the relationship because the Holy Spirit is the only way to ever know God. I loved this quote in Chapter seven on page 80: "When we intentionally pursue a relationship with the Holy Spirit, He reveals Jesus to us and, as a result, we get to know God the Father in a greater way." 

While reading, I didn't realize that the Holy Spirit gives us a revelation of who Jesus is on earth and what He accomplished. While reading these chapters, I have been given a greater understanding to who the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As it's said in chapter seven, page 81, "Many people rightly focus on doing what Jesus did, but we must begin by looking at who Jesus was and who He ultimately revealed." This one jumped out at me with such power. I full heartedly agree that by knowing this, it'll bring us closer to God.

One important point that Larry makes is definitely one to make note of and always remember, "Breakthrough faith all begins with knowing Him." If we don't take the time to fully know Him, how are we to live as He did?

A bit further into the reading, it's said... Salvation is not simply about going to Heaven some day. It's not just haveing a relationship with Jesus. Salvation and eternal life begin with truly knowing Him.

I know that God is willing and able to work through me and after reading this week's discussion chapters, I feel even more open to God's voice. I'm willing and able to hear Him for Him to do His works through me. In order to do this, I need to remember that the Bible is the benchmark for what we can believe God for. His promises are true now as they were back in the Bible times. 

What did you take from this week's reading? Anything jump out at you?

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