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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Corner: Breakthrough Faith Discussion

Welcome to our fourth week of discussing Larry Sparks book, "Breakthrough Faith: Living A Life Where Anything Is Possible".

This week we are talking about ten through twelve.

God is willing!

Bold and powerful. I believe this is one thing we need to reflect back on during the day. When we are reading the stories within the Bible, we must remember that the same God that's in those stories is the very same God who is with us today. Everything He was willing to do back then, He's willing to do now. He wants to use us in the same powerful ways He used those in the bible times. 

Just as God is willing and able, we need to be willing and able to approach Him. We need to step His way open, willing, and unafraid. It doesn't matter what sins we have done in our pasts because God doesn't define us. God's wrath toward sin was settled when Jesus went to the cross. We need to believe that and receive it through our faith. Jesus took the wrath so we wouldn't have to. (Thank you, Jesus!)

Therefore, let's push off anything false that the enemy is trying to make us believe and show him that our God loves us REGARDLESS of our past. With this gives us true hope in our future. We shouldn't allow the enemy to condemn us for our sins because THEY ARE FORGIVEN! 

After this week's reading, how would you define hope? How did it speak to you?

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