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Monday, November 23, 2015

What would you say?


What exactly does being a Christian mean to you?

I was recently asked this question by a friend who takes a high respect for my faith and relationship with Christ.

Until that moment, I never really thought about what it REALLY means to me about being a Christian. After much thought, I have come up with this...

First, upon thinking about it, I approached this question and realized how broad it is. But I believe I'll outline my major thoughts on this question.

I believe that the greatest thing about being a Christian is the renewed relationship I have with Jesus. This is something that is close to me and highly cherished. In a world where everything is steeped in rebellion against Jesus, it's amazing for me to push past the negativity, hatred, and anger and step into the light of Jesus Christ. A Christian walks beside Christ in every circumstance, thus giving him life and winning over condemnation. Being in a relationship with Christ and creating a grounds of friendship is being a Christian.

This relationship with Jesus is one that I have to pursue because Jesus is a gentleman and waits for us to come to Him. He doesn't force himself on you. By being a Christian, I can say, without a doubt, that when my time is up on this earth and I'm standing at the gates of Heaven, I'll be welcomed in. It is by His grace that I am saved. Humanity and life is a gift from God and Christians realize this. We change our ways from being bitter, hate-filled to joyful and loving. Being a Christian means that we have been saved through Jesus Christ and we don't need to strive for God's approval. Jesus took care of this on the cross.

Being a Christian doesn't mean that I am perfect and sin free. It just means that I was weak enough to allow Christ in to my heart so He can direct my steps and lead me in my new life. This life that I speak of is filled with hope, faith, love, gratitude, and submission to Christ. This also means that we have the heavenly kingdom waiting for us once our body dies. Through Jesus, we have beat death and will dwell with the Lord in Heaven for all eternity.

I feel that as a Christian, I have been blessed and most fortunate because I have been given life outside of death, hope in a new life with Christ, and a very loving God. By my faith, I'm pursuing the life God has in store for me and I'll keep my hope that he'll be there at the gate to embrace me when I go home!

Now... if at any given moment... someone would approach me and ask tell me that I had five second to proclaim my love for Christ and in doing that I would die, I would say I am willing to die for him. I can say this because I have been redeemed through Christ and I live my life striving to follow the ways of the Bible and loving Jesus.

How would you respond if you were in the position of the couple in the video below? Take about ten minutes and watch the video and then let me know in the comments below.

What would your response be??
Makes you think.... doesn't it?

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