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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Book Release Schedule

After much thought and polls from readers, I have finalized the book schedule of upcoming releases. Dates of each book haven't been set, but this is the order of books and what you can expect in the upcoming months from me.

1. Journey to Our Rainbow: Pregnancy After Loss (Working title)
2. Forbidden Destiny
3. Captured
4. The Guardian Angel
5. The Magical Butterfly (Children's book)
6. My Christmas Wish
7. Finding Joy After Loss

I'll be doing individual posts on each book to give readers and overview of what each book is about. This way if something captures your interest, you can keep an eye out for the updates.

Once each book is done and I do my first edit, I'll be calling on Beta readers to join in with the editing process. This way we can polish up the book before sending it off to the editor! If you enjoy beta reading, keep a look out for a sign up form with each book.

Thank you for your time,

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