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Monday, March 31, 2014

Vlog- What not to do as a new author....

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What not to do as a New Author
Over the course of time in which I have self-published, I have had several new authors come to me seeking advice. In answer to all these requests, I decided to do a vlog to hit up every point I can to help you out. Please remember that this could vary between authors and this is based upon my experience. This is the blunt truth with no sugar coating. Unfortunately, I have seen writers dive in without a clue of what to do. 

·        I see this a lot, especially when it comes to self published authors. Publishing the book before it’s REALLY ready. It doesn’t matter that you managed to write a paper for school and your teacher told you that you have an amazing writing talent. ALL authors need to do this regardless of your experience. It takes time to write a good quality book and even more time to have it properly edited and formatted. I have seen writers rushing through the self-publishing process without properly preparing for it. They’ll skip over a professional edit, and then complain when reviews mention the bad grammar within the book. You should not have your friend who did well in English look over your book and call it edited. Do your research! Find an accredited editor who has a portfolio and reviews. Talk to your book friends/authors to see if they have heard of any great editors. Take your time with this process. Believe me; your readers will see when you rushed. 

·        Giveaways and Facebook parties are great, but most of the time they do nothing for the good of your book. They attract many readers who, most of the time, are there for the prizes. This is, in my opinion, a waste to do when you’re a new author. Work and focus more on your writing and building a fan base. 

·        Create some type of marketing plan. Yes, self-publishing is a lot of work and it takes time. However, most of all, you should invest in your work. When asked, I would suggest investing more in the book cover, editing, and publication of a new book I have been told, “I can’t afford that.” Personally, I think that is an excuse. If you are not willing to invest in your books, what makes you think readers will want to as well? If you can’t afford something up front, take the time and save up for it. It will pay off in the end. Know who you’re marketing to. If this isn’t in your plan, I advise you to add it in. You don’t want to rely on solely other authors to see your work, but the demographic for your genre. Spamming different groups on Facebook and around the net, doesn’t help either. Most of the time... it gets annoying. Successful writers know who their audience is and market to that niche. 

·        Reviews. Now this is a big one! Reviews are the way for readers to share what they liked AND didn’t like about ones book. Get it into your head now... your book WILL and I repeat WILL get low star reviews along the way. That is okay because not every book out there is for everyone. So, when you begin getting them, DO NOT bash the reviewer or jump down their throat for a less than perfect review. This won’t get you readers nor will it create a good name for you. When you ask for an HONEST review, be prepared for an HONEST review! NEVER beg for reviews. This is tasteless in my opinion. I have seen where writers have even paid people to review their books, this isn’t good either.

When you get your first one star review (I guarantee it) do not under any circumstances be snarky about it. ALL books get bad reviews. However, you should prepare for the bullying type reviews, yep you heard me. When you get one, DO NOT respond to the bully in comments or engage them in any way. As hard as it might be, report the abuse and LET IT GO!

Well, these are the few tips I have for you today. I’m sure over time I’ll be back with part two, but until then... Happy writing and thank you for tuning in to my vlog.


  1. Wonderful advice, Raebeth. And all of it is soo true. I have yet to run into the bullies. But did get a 1-star review before. Hurt but I moved on realizing that not everyone is going to like my work. I understand that because everyone has their own tastes.

  2. Many things are true, but I wouldn't agree with everything.:) From my own experience, I can tell that Facebook events, including giveaways DO help to attract readers. I have 6 books published, so when I do a giveaway of one of them and if anyone likes it, he/she comes back to my official page to see what else written by me they could read. You say focus of proper audience, but where do newbie authors find it, if not to promote their books wherever they can? Surely sitting and waiting for someone to take your hand and guide you to the right group of Goodreads or Facebook or anywhere else won't help you sell more books. In my opinion, no promo is too much. Of course, there's no need to spam around, but still the more I promote my books the more copies I sell, even now when I have many readers liking what I do:)

  3. Sound advice using your personal experience. I am not an author, editor, or even much a reader but you make valid points. Great job.