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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let The Reviews Come In...

I sent out my book Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello to several beta readers. I'm beginning to hear their feedback, and I am without a doubt impressed by the fact that this book has captured their hearts. I love that my intentions with the book is working. I wrote my story with the hope that people could feel the pain and understand a little about what I went through. Here are what others had to say:

"Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello is a poignant read that shares the journey of the author her experience of a wonderful pregnancy ending abruptly with an unexpected turn; how her baby becomes an angel. This page-turning true story touched my heart as I learned how Mrs. Buda shares just how fragile life is."  ~Elizabeth Mueller, author of Baby's Breath YA fiction

"This is a journey no one wants to take, and no one should have to. But it happens and it always seems to happen to those that are good people. And for those that have not experienced anything like this, you should still give it a read. Your heart will break, you feel happy, you will find a bit of faith that everything is going to work out. If you have experienced something like this, you have to read it.  I believe it will help you with everything you are going through because someone has been through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel even though it may not seem like it at first. Please go and pick up this book when it comes out."- Autumn Nauling 

"Hold on tight as this author takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride through her journey of giving birth to her long anticipated, full term, forever sleeping baby girl. Raebeth Buda has masterfully written her story so that us; the readers can feel her every bit of her heartache and emotions from beginning to end. This book had me giggle, I felt the love and excitement that she had for Dakota while pregnant, I cried (a lot) but more than anything my heart ached for the Buda family and wished I could take every ounce of their pain away. No family should have to endure the loss of a stillborn but Raebeth's story is sure to reach out to those that may have experienced a loss like hers and teach them that there is a light and the darkness eventually will lift. The authors new found faith should be an inspiration to all no matter what life struggles you may face. This book is sure to tug at the heart strings of readers from all aspects of life. Rather you are mourning yourself, know someone who is or just looking for an excellent read that you won't be able to put down and a story that will stick with you long after you turn that last page; this book has something for everyone . A must read!!!" - Krissy Piper, Cousin of the Author

"Emotionally powerful story that has articulately captured the depth of trauma and emotion experienced when a family loses a child to stillbirth. RaeBeth Buda's powerful story will resonate with so many who have or will walk down this path. It also provides insight for others struggling with how to help when a friend or family members unborn baby dies."- Shauna Libsack; Star Legacy Foundation


  1. Love all the reviews that are coming in. I hope your book helps those that are need of read like this if they happen to go through what you have gone through. You give people hope Raebeth.