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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beta Readers

As I bring Silenced: The Overtaking to an end, I am beginning to plan the next part. Editing. This also includes beta readers.

What is a beta reader?

 A beta reader is someone who agrees to look over a piece of fiction for spelling, grammar, characterization, and continuity errors. Unlike a true editor, a beta reader is typically unpaid, and he or she sees the work at a very rough state. Many authors like to use beta readers to improve the quality of their work before they submit it for professional editing and critique, and beta readers are usually profusely thanked in acknowledgments, in recognition of the time and energy which they invested in the work. The beta reader also looks for flaws in characterization and plot. The beta may question why a character does or does not do something, or how someone ends up in France with no apparent explanation halfway through the third chapter. Authors sometimes miss these flaws as they are caught up in the greater whole, so a beta reader is especially valuable.

Here are the list of requirements that I'm asking for when doing the call for readers. If you do not meet all of the requirements, please do not sign up.

1. Beta reading experience: You must understand what you are signing up to do. You will be emailed an unedited version of the book. This will be for beta reading purposes ONLY!

2. You must be able to read the book by the deadline and have your feedback returned. I'm running on a schedule to have my book published. Any delays will result in pushing the release date further into the year.

3. There are limited positions that need filled.

What do you get in return?
 It would be a volunteer position. In most ways, the compensation will be pretty minimal: a free copy of a book you were (presumably) going to buy anyway. Getting to read it weeks or months in advance of when the final version will be released to the public. Helping me increase the book's overall awesomeness. And a thank you on the acknowledgements page.

Fill out the form below to sign up for your chance to be chosen as a beta reader. *More information may be requested if you're chosen* 

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