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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lightning Deal *FREE*

I have decided to do a quick deal to a limited amount of readers. For a short time only, I am offering FREE review ecopies of Heavenly Realities: Stumbling toward Gratitude. This is a prerelease event and it won't last long. There are limited review copies available.

More details on the book below.


Gratitude is often thought of as a gift or a blessing. By choosing gratitude, we teach ourselves to see the blessing in all situations, which leads to a more thankful life.

This thirty-day challenge will take you on a journey, which will have you looking at different parts within life to find gratitude and give thanks. We will focus on the meaning of gratitude, seeing gratitude in difficult moments, ungratefulness, thankfulness, and even focus on saying thanks to friends and family who deserve recognition. When we choose gratitude, we teach our children to be more thankful and live a life with "eyes of gratitude."

Join me in this journey to better your life with joy, happiness, and an attitude of gratitude.

In order to take advantage of this deal, please contact me via email or Facebook. 
Thank you.

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