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Monday, June 2, 2014

Celebration Giveaway Winners

I want to thank everyone who entered and followed along with the Celebration tour. We have the list of winners and their prizes below. 

**If the prizes go unclaimed, they will be put back into the giveaway cubby for a future giveaway!**

Tour Giveaway Winners
*This was posted at each stop along the tour.*

Heather Bell  - USA- Magnet (claimed)
Lisa Markson- USA- Signed Postcard (Unclaimed)
Martin Chatwin - USA- $5 Amazon Gift Card (Claimed)
Tiara Hindermyer– USA- Signed Paperback (claimed)

Author Giveaway Winners
*This was a side giveaway posted on this blog.*

Michelle S. (claimed)

Shana D. (claimed)

Loretta P. (claimed)

Sarah H. (claimed)

Lauren A. (claimed)

Claire B (claimed)

JoAnn R. (Unclaimed)

Thank you all so much and keep an eye on this blog, my newsletter, and my Facebook page for future giveaways. 

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