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Friday, May 9, 2014

First Annual Turning the Pages Signing & Awards: Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello

I have previously mentioned in a blog post a few months back that my book, Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello was nominated and won in three different categories within the Turning the Pages Awards. They held a book signing and award ceremony in Orlando, FL this past April, which I was not able to attend. 

However, I did request that my awards be mailed to me and guess what.... here they are.

I want to take a moment to thank Turning the Pages for such a wonderful event and I hope to make it there in the future. It's such an honor to have been part of the awards for 2013.

Next, I want to thank ALL readers who nominated and voted for Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello. It warms my heart to see that my daughter's story won THREE different categories within the event. I'm truly grateful for this and words can't express how happy this makes me.

Here are the pictures from the awesome package I received this week in the mail....

This is everything I pulled out of the package. I must say I am super happy to even have some bookmarks, author cards, and other swag from authors who were part too!


Book of the Year 2013- Health

Up close look at the medal for the Health genre.




Non Fiction

It's it A-MAZ_ING? I am super thrilled and can't wait to hang them up to display them. Once again thank you so much for nominating Dakota's story and voting. 

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