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Monday, May 20, 2013

May There Always Be Books Hop

I've joined in with an amazing group of people to bring you this awesome book hop. 

Without books... the world would be boring, which is why I joined in to offer you two great prizes. For the first prize I am offering a signed copy of Silenced (Open to US only) and an ecopy of Silenced (Open Internationally). All you have to do is complete the rafflecopter below for your change to win. Remember the more steps you complete, the higher your chances are of winning.

 Book Description:

Amber Brown spent her entire existence believing Dave was her father. When her mother reveals this is untrue, she goes through an emotional spiral with depression. It's hard for her to believe her mother had lied to her all this time.

A move to a new home and town causes Amber to be consumed by her "darkness" and reverts to cutting to free herself from her pain.

When Casey, her new friend enters her life, she introduces Amber to parties, drugs, and Amber's new boyfriend Landon. The secret of cutting begins to take affect on Amber as she tries to hide it from her friends and family. In the midst of everything, Amber has the desire to find out who her biological father is.

Follow Amber through her trials of depression and cutting, along with the discovery of love.

 Why not try to win this great book? 

The second of the series is due to be released towards the end of the Summer.  


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This hop is hosted by Literary Addicts and is from May 20 at 12:00am – May 31 @11:59pm EST.

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  1. Awesome Giveaway Raebeth, sonrisa!!! Gracias!!!

  2. I am familiar with depression & self-harm I work at a pediatric hospital and have teenage children.

  3. I myself suffer greatly from depression. Cutting though I don't. I think it would be a great book to read and be able to see another side and how she got through it.

  4. I haven't ever gone through depression but I know a few people that has gone through it. I am interested in reading Silenced to find out what a person goes through during depression. Thank Raebeth for the awesome giveaway!

  5. I suffered from depression and minor self-harm as a teen. It's a subject I care deeply about and wish more people understood. If I win, I'll read the book and then share it with those who I think can benefit from knowing they aren't alone.

  6. Great blog hop and giveaway, Raebeth! Important subject you cover in Silenced.

  7. I am all too familiar with depression and self ~harm.I have battled with depression since I as a teenager and now my teenage daughter does.I didn't really deal with self~harm but sadly she does and it scares the crap out of me.She just got out of a hospital stay a few days ago after a suicide attempt.:( I do my best to help spread awareness. is a great website to check~out to help spread awareness.

  8. My friends' granddaughter is a cutter, and she's having a very hard time with it. I'd love to read this book and share it with by friend, who would benefit from it. Thanks for a timely giveaway.

  9. A little familiar; the book sounds different

  10. I suffer from depression and it is not a fun thing to go through but I have never known of anyone that did any type of self harm. I really want to read this book because it sounds like an amazing read. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  11. My father is diagnosed as a manic depressant. I have anxiety issues so it would be interesting to see how another copes with situations.